TLC Senior Relocation Specialists offer complete Senior Move Management. We can help find solutions for both you and your loved ones taking the stress and anxiety away by handling the entire moving process for you.



We will:

  • Meet with you at your current residence and offer a free assessment to enable us to develop a moving plan

  • Assist you to sort through your household items and furniture and decide what you wish to take to your new residence in order to create a floor plan

  • Help you to find your new home if required

  • Offer a wide variety of different living options to enable you to make an informed decision to suit your personalized needs.

  • Arrange for a moving company or work with a mover of your choice

  • Manage and oversee the moving company throughout the transition

  • Manage a comprehensive array of services that address ALL aspects of the relocation process including, selling of your car, relocation of your pets and even replanting your favorite rose bush!

  • Handle all the administrative tasks related to your relocation including utilities, postal services, subscriptions, create change of address cards, selling of car or other large items


In your new home we will:

  • Unpack and organize your personal belongings

  • Wherever possible replicate previous room layout and placement of your possessions

  • Hang your pictures, curtains, hook up your electronics, make your beds and ensure your new home is ready to live in on moving day

  • Purchase any necessary items for your new home


Selling Your Property

  • Individual assessment of the property

  • Take care of the most challenging aspects including preparing the property for sale

  • Provide staging, organizing, and redecoration

  • Comparative market analysis

  • List, market, Host a variety of open houses, and sell the property to obtain the best possible price



Our ultimate goal is to treasure your memories and make your move as smooth as possible!



TLC Senior Relocation Services
TLC Senior Relocation Services

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