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I can't say enough good things about Anne and Doreen. This winter/spring our family faced the significant task of helping my mother put the 3 story house she had lived in for 40 years on the market so that she could relocate to a 1 bedroom apartment several states away. There is simply no way this would have happened without Anne and Doreen's help. Anne and Doreen spent 6 days with my mom, patiently and lovingly helping her decide on clothes, precious knick-knacks, family photographs, books, etc.  that she wanted to take with her. Then, once my Mom had moved and all of her favorite things were with her, they helped me get everything else out of the house, either through donation or fantastic junk guys who themselves worked hard to find everything a second home. By the time the buyers came through, the house was spic and span and had absolutely nothing left in it? It is a herculean task to help an older parent manage the sale of their house from several states away, but Anne and Doreen were by far the best part of this whole process. They navigated the logistical aspects of the move with apoomb, and the maintained the most wonderful cheerful, can-do attitude throughout. No matter what difficulty they encountered in the process, their response was "It will be alright - we can handle it!" And they did! Their level headed positive dispositions truly were a morale boost in the middle of a process that can be very stressful. I;m so thankful I found them and they were worth every penny.


In the last months of 2015, Anne Bangs and Doreen Hall, of TLC Senior Relocation Specialists, worked with my elderly parents to relocate from the home they had lived in for over 30 years.


There were many challenges in moving from the house, not the least of which was the understandable reluctance of my parents to leave the home they had occupied for so many years.  They naturally had years of memories tied to so many of their belongings.  In addition, they were moving from a very big three story house, to a two bedroom apartment, so they could not take all of their furniture.   Anne and Doreen were exceedingly patient with my parents, especially my mother, who wanted to tell them the story behind each item in the house and guided my parents through the difficult process of sorting and packing. 


Anne and Doreen worked with my parents to set out a schedule for getting all the tasks associated with moving done on time so that my parents had a level of comfort with how we were proceeding.  Again, my mother was very anxious about the move and this helped lower her anxiety level.  Anne and Doreen also measured all of the furniture and had a plan, done to scale, showing my parents where and how the furniture would fit into their new home.  This was very helpful in demonstrating what could be moved and what could not go to the new apartment.   In addition, they helped my parents with all of the change of address associated with the move, another source of anxiety for my mother.


On moving day, I don't know what we would have done without them.  When my parents arrived at their new home for the first time at 6pm on moving day, all of the furniture was in the right place, everything was unpacked, including more kitchen items than can be imagined, and the sheets were even on the bed.   My mother was so overcome that she cried from happiness.


After the move, TLC hired a charity to come to the house to take many items away, had a refuse removal service take the rest and hired a cleaning crew for the final clean up.  They visited my parents a few weeks after the move and helped them hang pictures. 


My siblings and I all live out of state, so we relied on TLC as much as my parents did, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude for their professionalism, understanding, compassion and most of all their kindness.   Anne and Doreen expertly guided my parents through the entire moving process, demonstrating genuine care for them as people who were facing a challenging phase in their lives.  In fact one of our cousins, who lives near my parents, was so impressed with TLC, that she has hired them to help with her move this spring. 


My entire family wholeheartedly recommends TLC and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about their services.    



Paula K (on behalf of the entire K family)

Dear Anne and Doreen,

Your truly are the “Mary Poppins” of Senior Relocation Specialists.  Not only did you fulfill your promises of guiding us through the ordeal of moving (sale of the house, knowing who to call for special services, packing, being with us on moving day etc). You did it all with feeling, a sense of humor, advice and professionalism.  The best story of all is how you managed to retrieve the chair from the auction house that I thought I couldn’t use. I really needed it to complete the living area. Above and beyond the call of duty!!!


We never would have made it without you! Thank you for helping us to enter our new adventure with positive thoughts.

Working with you was wonderful.


Tom and Anne S.

I recently worked with Anne and Doreen who assisted me and my firm with a senior client in crisis. Their work was invaluable, from orchestrating the clean up of the client's home, preserving the documents we needed to effectively represent him, to selling the home quickly and helping with the myriad of other issues that cropped up along the way.

They saved our client and our firm countless hours getting the client's "house in order" and did it in a professional yet compassionate manner.

Without a doubt, I would not hesitate to work with them again and would-and have- recommend them to others in need of their essential services.

Yale. H.

I would like to tell you about a wonderful organization called TLC Senior Relocation. I met Doreen and Anne when I was getting prepared to sell my Mom's home. These ladies were so gentle, kind and supportive to my Mom. They anticipated our needs and were prepared to offer suggestions as we asked the questions. They suggested a moving company, estate sale person and a company to remove all that was not sold in the estate sale. They made many contact phone calls as things came up.

They are hard working, timely, fun and also professional. They would offer suggestions and always referred back to the point that the decision was ours to make. I would have to say these lovely and caring ladies enjoy their work, they are pleasant, happy and fun and a pleasure to do business with, after all where would you find such kindness. 

When I needed help in packing up many items after the sale these ladies were in dresses and lovely shoes and just dove in and asked "where are the boxes"? and started packing. 

This move and transition is not an easy one, Mom was leaving her home of many many years and it was the home I grew up in. Lots of memories were in this house for us both. It was a difficult but necessary move and these ladies made it so  much easier. I HIGHLY recommend Doreen and Anne. Allow them to make your move an easier transition just like they did for us!!

Cathie L.

We can not praise you too highly or thank you enough for the enormous help you have given to us. You helped us in so many ways, you got his house in order, renovated it and put it up for sale and you were so kind to us all.


You even accompanied him from the USA to the UK with great professionalism, compassion and kindness, this can not have been easy with an elderly man who has Alzheimers.


Our sincere thanks to you both, we could not have done it without you.

Maureen and Harold

Thank you for the marvelous impact TLC had on my parents ability to accomplish their move.

We children never believed that a move would happen voluntarily. I truly believe that their moving plans would have been scuttled had TLC not been there to maintain the momentum, provide encouragement, and help sort out the many snags that inevitably happen with multiple, simultaneous life changes.

We realize that guidance from objective, unrelated people is sometimes easier to accept than help from close family. On behalf of my parents sons and daughters-in-law, I thank you!


Linda B.

I have had the pleasure of working with Doreen and Anne on several complex cases involving seniors in crisis. Their meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of senior move management ensured that the transitions went smoothly in spite of many obstacles along the way.  They are quick to respond to the needs of their clients and are able to empower them to make informed decisions about their care 

management by offering detailed explanations of the choices available to them. One such case involved an elderly gentleman who originated from England, he was unable to care for himself and was placed in respite care. Anne and Doreen were able to quickly and efficiently manage his move, organizing, decluttering and renovating the home, selling the property within 5 days and even accompanying him back on the plane to England to live close to his family. All of this was achieved in less than three months.


Anne and Doreen exude professionalism at all times, they are compassionate, caring, highly organized and dependable. Their ability to multitask and navigate their way through all the challenges that occur in the sensitive world of senior move management is outstanding. I would highly recommend TLC Senior Relocation Specialists, Doreen and Anne are approachable, pleasant, obviously enjoy their work and 

maintain their sense of humor throughout. They are a real pleasure to work with.